Why set the books in Nebraska?

Okay, I’ll admit… Nebraska isn’t the most exotic location I could have chosen to set my series. Omaha maybe isn’t the most exciting city on the planet.


So, why Nebraska?

Because I love it.

I grew up in Nebraska (and now live only a mile from the border). I lived life, until college, in small town Nebraska, as did my husband and both parents and most of my close friends. Not only did I set a lot of Just My Type in the small town of Oscar and Just A Kiss in Grover, if you read my other books (Anything You Want, Everything You’ve Got and some upcoming books of mine ;)) you’ll see that small town Nebraska has its own special charm. Oscar and Grover are both fictitious towns based on a number of wonderful little Nebraska towns that I know and love.

I picked Omaha in particular as the main setting because one, it’s a city in Nebraska that has a major ER (which I needed for my trauma surgeon, Ben, in Just Right). I’ve also lived in Omaha and my sister does now so I know the city well enough to write about it.

But seriously, why Omaha Nebraska? It’s a tribute of sorts I suppose. I do love Nebraska and not enough books and movies are set there, in my opinion. The people of Nebraska are great, hard-working, salt-of-the-earth people and this is my way of showing the world (or at least my little corner) that it’s a great place.

So, I hope that as you read you’ll think, at least once, “Nebraska seems like a nice place”. And, if nothing else, I can assure you that we do grow big, good-looking, kind-hearted, sexy guys here! Come find out for yourself if you don’t believe me! 🙂