Reading Order

What order should I read your books in?

This is, by far, the thing readers ask about the most! And I get it! I’ve got a lot of books!

So… where to start?

Well, this is just my opinion but…


First of all, *most* of my books are small town, contemporary romance. They are sexy. Not erotic romance, but definitely open-door sex scenes and naughty words will be encountered! My books are all a part of a series. I have several series, but I don’t have any books that are all by themselves in the world. They all have connected book friends! That said, the books are stand-alones, in the sense that each one tells a full, complete story about one couple and ends in a happily ever after for that couple. There will be places and people and events that tie books in a series together, for sure, but if you want to start at a book five because you love big grumpy heroes and sunshine-y heroines more than chocolate on peanut butter, then go for it! You will not be lost! You just might want to go back and read the first four books after you meet those people! In fact, I hope you do! Sure, you might see the couple from book two is together and madly in love when you read book five, but, come on… this is romance fiction. Of course, they got together in book two. That shouldn’t be a spoiler 😉


If you want the most current, going-on-now series:

That’s Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild

This is the series you’ll see my fans talking about on Facebook and Goodreads right now. It’s a brand new, sexy, small town rom com series set in the fictional town of Autre, Louisiana along the Louisiana bayou. Sexy, blue-collar, guys and the girls who turn their worlds upside down!

This is the perfect place to jump in and join the conversation and fun! Book one is Otterly Irresistible! It’s a great place to start and to get to know my sexy, rom-com style!


New to me?

If you want to jump into my world and get a feel for my sexy, small town rom coms (definitely the majority of what I write), I definitely recommend My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding, book one of my Boys of the Bayou series! It kicks off this sexy, slightly-over-the-top, romantic comedy series full of sexy southern guys and their crazy Cajun family!


Kindle Unlimited Readers

Want to try me out in KU? Right now my fan-favorite, small town series, Sapphire Falls, is in the program. It starts with Getting Out of Hand. It’s a very bingeable, fun series of twelve books! All of my Louisiana books-- Boys of the Big Easy, Boys of the Bayou, and Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild, are also in the program! My Taking Chances series, a three-book sexy small town series about storm chasers and first responders, is there too!


Want to start with something shorter?

My Billionaires in Blue Jeans series is also a sexy, fun, small town series but concludes in just three books! Billionaire sisters living in small town Kansas to fulfill the stipulations in their father’s will! It starts with Diamonds and Dirt Roads.


What about my other series?

Well, here’s a quick run-down. You can click on the book list button to see the titles in each series, their reading order, and their publication dates (if you’re into that). This list is kept updated and refreshed regularly. You can also print it off!

Sapphire Falls- sexy, small-town, rom com series. Lots of feel-good hometown stuff, big loving family stuff, friends-that-are-like family stuff in this one! Book one is Getting Out of Hand (12 books).

Just Everyday Heroes: Day Shift- first responders and medical professionals! Lots of bromance here! And hot guys in uniform! Book one is Just Right (5 books + a novella).

Just Everyday Heroes: Night Shift-a spin-off from the Day Shift series, more hot men with badges! Book one is She’s the One (5 books).

Billionaires in Blue Jeans- billionaire sisters (triplets) living in small town Kansas…and running a pie shop (and no, they have no idea how to do this!) to fulfill the kind-of crazy stipulations in their father’s will! Sexy, small-town, rom com. Book one is Diamonds and Dirt Roads (3 books).

Hot Cakes- sexy, small-town, rom com series about guys who left their hometown and made their millions and are now back to save the town…and fall in love. Oh, and lots of baked goods. And naughty times with those baked goods. Book one is Sugarcoated. (6 books).

Boys of the Big Easy- sexy single dads in New Orleans! Need I say more! Book one is Going Down Easy (4 books)

Boys of the Bayou – sexy, blue-collar Louisiana boys! Pretend relationships, second chances, a big grumpy wounded hero, a hot nerd hero…we’ve got it all! Not to mention the big, crazy, fun Cajun family full of romance-junkies! Rom com! Book one is My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding (6 books)

Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild- a sexy rom-com series with an accidental petting zoo (yep, otters, goats, alpacas…even a lemur. And penguins! I’m not kidding!). Hot blue-collar Louisiana men, and the women who drive them wild! Book one is Otterly Irresistible. (6 books)

Taking Chances- small town rom com with storm chasers, a tornado!, and enemies to lovers and second chances at love that got away the first time around! Book one is Twisted Up. (3 books)

Opposites Attract- rom com series set in Boston. Geeky girls and the men who fall for them! Gaming, cosplay, a hot EMT, doctor and cop! Yes, cosplay can be sexy! Let Zach and Kiera prove it! Book one is Completely Yours. (3 books)

Billionaire Bargains- the Steele family can buy anything they want…except the thing they need most. Love. Book one is No Matter What. My first published book ever!  (3 books)


Audio listeners!

Looking for me in audio? I’ve got several series in audio or coming to audio!

Boys of the Big Easy

Boys of the Bayou

Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild

Hot Cakes

Billionaires in Blue Jeans

Sapphire Falls

Just Everyday Heroes: Day Shift

Taking Chances

Opposites Attract

Billionaire Bargains