Who's who in the series


Jessica Bradford-The Little General. The oldest Bradford sibling. Loves to organize and take care of everyone. Has a secret penchant for sexy underwear–and a not-so-secret penchant for a particular sexy trauma surgeon. Reformed bad girl. Not above using hooker boots if the occasion calls for it. Married to Ben Torres (Jessica & Ben’s story- Just Right)

Sam Bradford– The Playboy. The middle Bradford child. Knows a lot about women and sex (completely understandable considering how much time he’s spent on both), but always happy to put in extra study time. Also quite generous in imparting his knowledge to anyone in need-especially sexy blonds named Dani. Married to Danika Steffen. (Sam & Danika’s story-Just Like That)

Sara Bradford-The Princess. Youngest Bradford sibling. Definitely lives up to her nickname- has never changed a tire or killed a bug in her life. Everyone’s little sister, but knows more than they give her credit for. Willing to put in long research hours in online sex shops. Married to Mac Gordon. (Sara & Mac’s story-Just My Type)



Mac (Jason) Gordon-The Wild One. Never met a sex toy or position he didn’t like. Favorite lickable body powder flavor is cotton candy-or whatever Sara is wearing at the moment. Married to Sara, paramedic on ambulance crew with Sam, Kevin and Dooley. (Mac & Sara’s story-Just My Type).

Dooley, Doug, Miller-The Goofball. Doesn’t take anything too seriously-except his friendships. More of a Hokey-Pokey kind of guy, but can definitely spin the right girl around the dance floor-especially if “dance floor” is euphemism for bedroom. Paramedic on ambulance crew with Sam, Mac and Kevin, happily single (most of the time), until he meet Morgan James. (Dooley and Morgan’s book-Just For Fun)

Kevin Campbell-The Good Boy. Making up for his party years as a college and pro football star. Given up drinking-the hard stuff anyway, sex-though not impure thoughts entirely, and swearing-unless it’s really necessary. Paramedic on ambulance crew with Sam, Mac and Dooley, paramedic, never-as-happily single as Dooley. Marries Eve Donnelly. (Kevin and Eve’s book-Just A Kiss)



Ben Torres-The Hero. ER trauma surgeon. Practically a Boy Scout. But when he decides to have a good time-look out. Has a talent for bringing the inner bad girls out to play. Married to Jessica. (Ben & Jessica’s story-Just Right)

Danika Steffen-Ms. Independent. Can fix anything- except her stubborn streak. Okay with getting her hands dirty… or the rest of her dirty as long as Sam’s around. Married to Sam Bradford. (Dani & Sam’s story-Just Like That)

Morgan James-Ms. High-Class. Definitely knows the difference between Gucci and The Gap. Money may not buy happiness but flying in a private jet and Godiva chocolate never made her unhappy. In spite of her love of manicures and massages she can still get down and dirty for the right guy. Married to Dooley (Doug Miller). (Morgan and Dooley’s story-Just For Fun)

Eve Donnelly-The Preacher’s Daughter. An angel who’s listened to the devil on her shoulder more than once. Polishing her halo to a high shine to win Kevin back-even if it’s going to take some elbow grease. Married to Kevin Campbell. (Eve and Kevin’s story-Just A Kiss)