The Best Lines (as chosen by readers)

Jessica:  “It’s interesting that you call in one woman to do something that four guys couldn’t.”

Ben:  “Let me take this opportunity to assure you that my penis is in no way dysfunctional.”

Sam:  “I can live with only knowing your first name as long as I get to know what makes you moan and pant.”

Danika:   “We all screw up sometimes. Life and relationships are messy. Broken wrists and strokes and worse happen. What matters is that we keep hoping and trying and loving anyway.”

Mac:  “There are sixteen sexual positions that I like and you’d have to start a stretching program to accomplish at least seven of them.”

Sara:  “Sorry you had to pull your face out from those breasts.”

Dooley:  “Hey, a girl doesn’t wear edible body powder if she doesn’t want to be licked.”

Morgan:  “Considering I’m in the middle of a bar and I’m annoyed with you and I still want to rip your clothes off…yeah, I’d say there will be sex in Chicago.”

Kevin:  “Well, just in case, I’m going to talk dirty to you every chance I have. I’ll teach you every filthy word I know.”

Eve:  “It’s not God I have a problem with. He and I are fine. He’s great. It’s the humans that suck.”