Billionaires in Blue Jeans


(Ava and Parker)

Ava realized she was holding her breath as she listened to Parker’s phone ring. Her heart pounded but she wasn’t sure if it was excitement or nerves. She’d never done this before and she was very aware that Parker Blake was the only guy who could not just get her out of this particular comfort zone. And more, make her want to do this. He hadn’t asked for this. In fact…he might find this… a little frustrating.

She grinned at that thought.

“Ava? You okay?” His voice was husky and she assumed she’d awakened him.

It was sweet that he answered that way, she had to admit. “I’m not able to sleep,” she told him.

He cleared his throat, but his voice was still gruff when he said, “That right? And you thought I should be awake if you are?”

Actually yeah. Come to think of it… “Hey, you really were sleeping?”

“It’s after midnight, Boss. I get up early.” He cleared his throat again and she heard the sounds of him shifting on the bed.

He did get up early and for a second she felt bad. But…“You were able to sleep?” she asked.

He chuckled, the low sound rumbling over the phone and making her feel hot and tingly. How could he do that even over a distance? “What did you think I’d be doing?”

Yeah, she knew what he thought she thought he’d be doing. Relieving some pressure. Taking matters into his own hands. Fantasizing about her. Wishing he hadn’t walked out. Okay, that last one was maybe more what she’d hoped he’d been thinking rather than what she was sure he’d been doing.

Instead she said, “I guess I was thinking maybe you’d be doing what I’m doing.”

“Calling people who are sleeping in the middle of the night to chat?” he asked.

Uh, huh. If she’d had any nerves about doing this before, they were now gone. She was definitely going to keep him up now. “I’ll tell you what, Parker,” she said, reaching for the vibrator that was lying on the duvet beside her. “You don’t have to talk at all. You can just listen.” She put the phone on speaker and laid it next to her. Then she pressed the power button on the vibrator.

She could hear Parker’s low groan even over the buzzing.


There was a warning note in his voice, but Ava only smiled. “You started this,” she said. “You got me worked up, told me to think of you while doing this very thing, then walked out. Did you really think I wouldn’t do this?”

“You’re telling me that sophisticated, classy, Ava Carmichael is going to make herself come with a vibrator over the phone for me to hear?” he asked. He didn’t try to clear the gravel from his voice this time.

She pulled in a deep breath. Yes, she wanted to torture him a little for walking out the way he had. But she had planned to fake the over-the-phone orgasm. Now, though, her body was responding to the combination of his voice and the familiar buzzing in her hand with a needy wave of warmth.

“That’s what I’m telling you.”

“You know, I could just hang up,” he said.

She smiled. “Parker, I’m lying on my bed, completely naked, my vibrator already turned on, thinking about you and apple pie filling.” She paused. “You can hang up, of course. But I don’t think you’re going to.”

The completely naked thing wasn’t true. She was in a t-shirt and panties. But the rest was all accurate. Especially the part about thinking of him. That had been constant since he’d left earlier tonight.

There was a long moment of silence. She knew he was still there, but she gave a soft moan anyway. Just to hear him give a low growl in response.

“Are your nipples hard?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, a little more breathless than she’d really intended this early in.

“Do you play with them when you get yourself off?” he asked.

She licked her lips. “Yes.”

“And what kind of vibrator do you like? Just a clit vibrator or do you like the ones you insert too?”

Well, she did appreciate Parker’s ability to focus on a task and get right to it. “The ones that insert and hit the clit too,” she said.

He coughed lightly, almost as if he hadn’t expected her to answer. “Say clit again.”

She smiled. “You like that?”

“I really fucking do.”


“Yeah.” He cleared his throat. “That’s good.”


“How many speeds does it have?”

She blushed. She could feel it and it was ridiculous. She could lie. She didn’t have to admit that she’d bought a high-end, multi-functional vibrator. She could tell him it was one of those basic ones with one speed.

But no. She didn’t do that. Because this was Parker and she had a hell of time not being honest, and turned on, around him. “Twenty.”

There was a pause before he said low and slow, “Okay, then.”

She smiled in spite of herself. “I spend thousands on shoes. You really think I’m going to skimp on this?”

“That’s a really good point, Boss,” Parker admitted. “And I’m not intimidated about keeping up with that at all.”

She laughed. She wasn’t worried one tiny bit about Parker being able to keep up, and then some. “Well, if you are, maybe it’s best I’m just sticking with the tried and true.”

“I realize that you’re trying to goad me, but the thing is, I can’t stop picturing you doing your tried and true.”

She felt her breath catch. “So now you’re wide awake?” she asked.

He chuckled, the sound rich and rumbly. “Yes, Boss, you got your way. Definitely.”

Exactly how she liked it. She grinned.

“Now put that vibrator against that pretty clit and turn it on low. I want this to take a little bit.”

That sucked the smile off her face and the breath out of her lungs as heat hit her hard and low.

She looked at her vibrator, feeling her body tingling head to toe. She hadn’t actually intended to do this. She’d wanted to tease him. Make him sorry for walking out on her. Make him a little needy. But so far, she was definitely the one feeling need.

And she didn’t think it would matter if the vibrator was on low—this wasn’t going to take long.

“God, even hearing your breathing change like that is a turn on,” Parker said in her ear.

He could hear her breathing change? Just from thinking about using her vibrator while on the phone with him? Oh, boy.

She picked up the vibrator, resting it low on her stomach. The buzzing shot through her pelvis and everything got hotter and wetter. She slid her hand up under her shirt to circle and squeeze one of her nipples. Her legs shifted against the mattress.

“Talk to me,” she told him, letting him hear that she was breathless now.

“And tell you how I’m picturing you right now? Your gorgeous nipples hard, your sweet pussy wet and slick?”

She blew out a little breath as her inner muscles reacted. “Yeah. Like that.”

“Press the vibrator against your clit. Let me hear you moan.”

With the moan he wanted, she gave up any lingering thought of faking all of this to mess with him. She slid the vibrator under her panties and up against her aching clit. She said his name softly.

“Oh, yeah, just like that,” he praised. “Now imagine that’s my tongue circling and sucking.”

Ava moved one leg to the side, circling the tip of the vibrator and picturing Parker’s face, his eyes hot.

“Do you feel it, Ava?” he asked. “Do you feel how wet and swollen you’re getting? Getting ready for a big, hard cock to slide inside and stretch you out?”

She moaned again, moving her hand from her breast to her panties, so she could hold them to the side out of the way. She shifted the vibrator, pressing it against her clit again, and her toes curled into the duvet.

“Are you… touching yourself too?” she asked.

“Do you mean do I have my fist wrapped around my cock, pumping up and down and imaging it’s your tight pussy squeezing me?” he rasped.

Oh, god. She felt her pelvic muscles tense as she pictured him doing exactly that.

“Yeah, I’m jerking off while picturing you spread out and on the edge of coming hard and fast for me,” he said. “Again.”

Again. He’d done it earlier. She felt pleasure and satisfaction hit her simultaneously. She loved affecting him.


“Slide the vibrator inside, Boss,” he interrupted. “I’m picturing it disappearing into you and coming out wet.”

She did not let people tell her what to do. She would have never even imagined doing any of this with anyone else. But there was something about it with Parker. It felt right. It felt almost natural. He didn’t even have to be in the same building she was and he could affect her. He could make her feel hot and sexy and safe and happy all at the same time. Over the phone. That was some power right there.

She did as he’d told her, feeling the pressure that wasn’t, and never would be, enough.

“Now pump that fake cock in and out and imagine it’s me between your legs, Ava,” he said. “Fuck yourself like you wish I was fucking you.”

Holy crap. There was something about him using her name instead of ‘Boss’ right then. How had she ever thought she would be in control here?

“I want you to come too,” she told him. At least she wouldn’t be the only one losing her mind over the phone.

“Oh, there’s no way I’m holding that back,” Parker promised. “I’m all in.”

Yeah, she was too. She moved the vibrator, hitting her clit each time, feeling her climax winding tighter and tighter. She was certain he could hear it all in her breathing now because she could hear his ragged breaths coming over the phone. She pictured him lying on his back, his hand wrapped around his cock, thinking of her and within seconds she shot over the edge, gasping his name. Yeah, there was nothing low speed about any of this.

She heard him groan her name a few seconds later and ripple after ripple of satisfaction tripped through her body right on the heels of the tingly pleasure still zapping her nerve endings.

She tossed the vibrator to the side and let her arm flop out to the side, wallowing in the aftermath.

Several long seconds passed, but she knew he was still there.

Finally, he gave a low chuckle that made goosebumps dance over her arms. “I don’t think I’m sorry I walked out of the mud room tonight.”

Ava tried to frown, but she couldn’t. Hell, she practically giggled. “No lesson learned, huh?” she asked.

“Oh, two lessons learned,” he told her. “Leave you wanting more often and always answer my phone in the middle of the night.”

She smiled. She knew he would have answered her call no matter what she’d wanted and that made her feel warm in a whole different way than the dirty talk did.

She faked a yawn—at least she was able to fake something with him—and said, “Well, I guess I better get some sleep now. I don’t want to be too tired at work tomorrow.”

He gave a little growl. “Yeah, that would be terrible.”

She laughed. “I’m so relaxed right now. I think I’ll sleep like a rock.”

“Happy to help.” He sounded completely cocky. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Again, it was more of a promise than a simple goodbye. And then it hit her that she’d have to face him after this. Her cheeks got hot.

“And yes, I’ll be imagining all of this the second I see you too,” he said, as if reading her mind.

“I might have to work at home tomorrow,” she said, covering her face with her hand. Why was she embarrassed? She wasn’t ashamed that she used a vibrator—and liked it. It was more how easily Parker Blake could get her to do things she’d never done before that shook her.

“If you work at home tomorrow, I’m coming over,” he said firmly.

Somehow seeing him at her house… in her bedroom… seemed like something she could handle more easily than standing in the middle of the pie shop and thinking about how she’d just masturbated over the phone with him. “That might not be so bad…”

“And then it will be even longer before I make you come with my tongue and my cock.”

Her eyes widened. “You’d punish me by withholding sex?”

He chuckled. “I would. I know you keep thinking that you’re the boss around here, but I think it’s pretty clear who’s in charge.”

She let out a breath. Speaking of things she never let men do, she never let them think they had power over her.

“You know, Mr. Blake, I think—” But she didn’t sound even faintly haughty. Because she was still a little breathless. And because… well, she liked him. And trusted him. And he’d proven that not being in control all the time wasn’t so bad.

“Yes, Ms. Carmichael?” There was a definite touch of humor in his voice.

“I think I will be at the pie shop bright and early.”


He sounded maybe a touch cocky but there was a note of relief in his tone too and Ava realized that he wanted her to trust him and that giving up some control and being okay with it was one sure way to show that.

“And Parker?” she said.

“Yeah?” His voice was husky again.

“I forgot to tell you…”


“You need more eggs.”

He sighed and she grinned and hung up. Having the last word was just something she couldn’t quite give up.